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Development Process

Making Your Custom App Experience Simple and Straight Forward

1. Consultation

In this first meeting (usually over the phone or web conference) we will discuss your desires for form and function. All of this will be wrapped neatly into a Development Roadmap

2. Core Development

This is where we get our hands dirty crafting the core internals of your app. That consists of creating data fields in the spreadsheet or database that will track and handle all of the user input.

  • Database Setup + Define Column Structure (Creating a Tidy Spreadsheet to hold and handle data)
  • Rough App Views are Setup
  • Data Relationships are Established

Client Feedback #1

After we create this rough structure, we will submit it to you for evaluation.

  • We request you do a good look around the app and send us back a list of changes to the Column Structure (add or delete data fields) or any adjustments you want for the views.
  • The main goal here is to finalize the feature set and spreadsheet column structure.

3. Features Development

Once we get your Phase 2 changes back, we will get to work on making adjustments. Assuming final spreadsheet structure and feature set, we will now add on any Advanced Features you requested.

  • Updates to spreadsheet fields and relationships from Phase 2
  • Write in necessary programming logic
  • Setup and beta test Advanced Features

Client Feedback #2

  • Examine the app and test all new features. Send us back a list of bugs, issues, and/or questions
  • Submit requests for minor changes to app views or programming logic
  • Requests for major adjustments* to the spreadsheet structure may incur a price increase from the original quoted cost.
  • If major adjustments are requested, we will render you a written change order and repeat Phase 3 with your requested changes.

4. Testing & Deployment

This phase is dedicated to final polishing and testing before the app goes live to your company or audience.

  • Minor Adjustments from Phase 3
  • All Features are Tested
  • Debug all Programming Logic
  • Writing of Documentation and User Manuals - upon request
  • Launching your App!!

Once your app is deployed, we will offer 10 days of complimentary email and phone support for minor issues observed.

Client Feedback #3

  • One final testing run before App Deployment!